Back to School Night presentation

If you happened to miss Back to School night, here is the Powerpoint information from that evening. It outlines my policies and expectations for the class regarding homework, grading, discipline and classroom rules. Also, please find below a copy of our 5th grade syllabus.
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Syllabus 2015-2016

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Welcome Letter 2015-2016

Welcome to SCIS
Mrs. Peterson’s 5th Grade Class

Dear students and families,
Welcome to 5th grade! My name is Mrs. Cleo Peterson and I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher this year.

I am originally from Washington State in the U.S.A. (not to be confused with the city Washington D.C.) and this is my 3rd year teaching grade 5 at SCIS Pudong.

China is my second location for teaching abroad. (I taught in France from 2009-2010, and then took a year off to get my Master in Teaching degree at Seattle University.) This year I’m particularly excited for our 5th graders to be a part of the new, big changes on our campus with the combined upper and lower schools.

As your child’s teacher, I think it’s important to share my teaching philosophy with you right from the beginning. The first thing you should know is that being a teacher is an honor that I do not take lightly. For me, my “job” as an educator is more of a daily mission to engage and enthrall my students in their own learning process. I believe balance is at the heart of good teaching and good classroom management, so I will strive to incorporate a variety of teaching styles (direct instruction, cooperative and constructivist learning) in my classroom.

My promise to you and your child is to maintain a consistent daily schedule (as best as I can), outline what is expected of students, provide time and materials for learners to be self-reflective, proactively praise good behavior, and encourage students to take calculated risks and step out of their academic and social comfort zones. My goal in all of this is for students to be self-directed learners within the trusting and academically engaging environment of my classroom.

Before we begin, here are some reminders for the beginning of the year:

1) Students should come to school between 7:45-8:00am. Please do not drop off your child any earlier than that, as there will not be adult supervision before that time.

2) When we have PE class, Wednesdays and Fridays, students are to wear their green PE uniforms to school.

3) Please send your child to school with a water bottle and a healthy snack everyday! It is very important not only for their health, but also for their focus and learning.

4) Parents needing to drop their child off late or take them home early after an assembly, please notify Vicky Xu in our office ( so that she can mark this on our bus schedules.

Welcome to Mrs. Peterson’s classroom. We’re going to have a great year!
Mrs. Peterson